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About Me

How long have you been practicing photography?

I have been practicing photography for over 10 years. I used my first DSLR camera in 8th grade and took photos of everything!  I loved learning to see the world from a different perspective. I also practiced taking pictures at lots of basketball games.

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

That's a tough one! I am torn between still-life and portraits.  I love capturing still-life because it is so relaxing to observe nature and to do my best to capture its beauty.  However, I love taking portraits because it is really fun, and I love empowering people to believe in their beauty!

Why do you love photography?

Photography is my way of appreciating the world.  I take photos of things that make me happy or that I find beautiful.  Photography relaxes me.  It is also something that can speak beyond words.  I also use it to empower other people and to promote local events, artists, and initiatives.  I believe that using my skills to share peace, beauty, happiness, art, and culture makes the world more enjoyable.

What is your dream goal for your photography?

I would love to travel hidden gems all over the world and capture breathtaking landscapes.  When I travel, I want to see a view that is even more grand in the photos.  I want to see places that photos will never do justice, and to give it my best shot at anyway.